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Disabled Access Ramps

Access Ramps for Assisted Access

We can design and install gently sloping access ramps to aid wheelchair access or restricted walking access with a range of supporting railings. Access ramps can be constructed in timber, brick or block work and conform to building regulations. Off the shelf Wheelchair Access Ramp variations are also available.

Disabled Access Ramp Installation

Each Disabled Access Ramp is installed with a non-slip surface and adequate safety handrails. Handrails are available in colour co-ordinations. Our Wheelchair ramps and disabled access adaptations can be constructed to incorporate lifting apparatus.

We can construct alternative stepped access for the able bodied which can link to the ramped access.

New Entrance Doors & Pathways

New entrance doors can be provided in various designs and manufacture. Doors can be widened for easier access with level compression thresholds.

Pathways can be widened and connected to driveways or carports. Concrete surfaces provided for car parking. Highways can be accessed with drop kerb and pavement crossings in conjunction with local authority regulations.

As with all our installations to All installations are by our experienced installers and are covered by our 12 month installation warranty.

Access Ramps and Disability Adaptations Customer comments

“A brilliant job, it’s much easier to get around my home”


You have restored my faith in building firms and I will continue to use you and recommend you onwards.  Thank you

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